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Step 1:

Purchase BNB - You can purchase BNB on Binance, Crypto.com or another exchange.

Step 2:

Send BNB to Trust Wallet - Create a Trust wallet (can be downloaded on app store). Then send your BNB from your exchange of choice to your Trust wallet.

Step 3:

This can easily be done when viewing the BNB balance in your Trust wallet.

Step 4:

Connect your Trust wallet to PancakeSwap, then paste our contract address into the token field to swap $BNB for $METAPUMP. Always confirm the Official Site.

Step 5:

Atleast buy 1 Billion Tokens.

Contract Address

0x9245CC899Ab44cF2753 f25d34888A77b40f42Db6

About MetaPump

Culture has found new expression in web3 through art, gaming, entertainment, and events. The possibilities for blockchain’s impact on culture are so endless that they can’t possibly all be predicted yet. MetaPump is a token made to support what’s next, controlled and built on by the community. It will serve as a decentralized protocol layer for community-led initiatives that drive culture forward into the metaverse.

Road Map


Mega partnership's are just around the corner we aims to pursue multiple partnership's throughout the year.

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